Meet Tanyeitta Shardee’

I am a Boy Mom of 3, Master Manifestor and on my way to being a Serial Entrepreneur. I am a Member of Boss Mom Enterprise and was Named BME Mom Boss of the Year 2023 as well as being Featured in ATL Voyage. I’m the Owner of Spiritual Goddess Boutique, Spiritually Wealthy LLC and TCH Tax Services.
My Spiritual Journey inspired many of my professions, and I strive to bring Peace and unity to my area while uplifting women around the world. My first business was TCH Tax Services in which I have been in business since 2013 providing tax services to the Tri-City Area.
In 2019 I stepped out on faith and became a full-time entrepreneur after leaving my school district job of 3 years. Spiritual Goddess Boutique is a spiritual health spa that offers spiritual life-coaching, doula services, yoni steams, detoxes, body sculpting, teeth whitening, tooth gems, healing braces, manifestation products and more. Spiritually Wealthy LLC is a credit repair service serving clients around the U.S.
2020 brought about change when I acquired a brick and mortar Location in Opelika, AL after working out of my Home Office for seven years.


Spiritual Goddess Boutique is a Spiritual Health Spa. 

We offer result-driven products that harness the power of healing, nurturing, and empowering our mind, body, and soul. 
Spiritual Goddess Boutique is a place to replenish, relax, and unwind with luxury self-care services and manifestation needs and products. My Spiritual Journey inspired my profession, and I am committed to bringing peace and unity to my community while uplifting women around the world.
Spiritual Life Coaching
Doula Services
Yoni Steam Services
Detox Services
Body Sculpting
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Gems
Healing Braces
Manifestation Products






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